“Connection is speaking to let the listener know that they matter.”

What clients are saying

Business Professionals/Entrepreneurs/Corporations

"You set me on the course to being a more effective speaker - in fact, I taught Web design courses a few years back and got great reviews- thanks to your help!"

Mark D. Hall
Hallmark Experience

"You have been a tremendous support in helping me craft my speech with excellent ideas and examples. Without your help I would not be as confident moving forward with the interview. However, I now feel confident and ready to go forth with my job interview tomorrow."

Raymond Mott
Sr. Environment Health and Safety Engineer

"Thank you so much-the presentation went very well-much better than I had expected. Thanks a ton for all your help-it made all the difference."

Geetesh Bajaj
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, author, consultant, speaker
Indezine, ppted

“I am thankful my company has giving me the opportunity to work with you to try to improve one of my weaknesses. I appreciate the time we have spent together and the thing I will take away most from you is trying to instill confidence in myself and trying to really focus on my breathing techniques. Again, I appreciate the help and guidance you have provided. on improving my communication skills.”

Michael Gallin
PCL Construction Services, Inc

"I want to stress again that I found your advice invaluable and I do hope that our paths cross again. Your coaching is priceless."

Michel Scharff
International banker

"I could not have even come close to presenting myself to the speaking circuit without Sandra's coaching help. What was particularly important to me was that she had a good working knowledge of the securities and investment profession, and what she did not know she picked up very quickly. So it was my learning curve we worked on...not hers."

"Without Sandra's coaching help, I would have stumbled badly out of the "speaking gate." Her ongoing guidance was an enormous assurance that I would be polished and right on target once I launched my speaking career."

Thomas Grady
Partner, CCO, Trinity Family Wealth

"I have found and will continue to find your insight of value. When we talk, I am very aware of your "listening." Your responses or questions provide substance and direction."

Fred M. Crean
Consultant, marketing communication services for financial industry
The Signal Group

"I've worked with Sandra for many years! Sandra helped me to develop my professional speaking business and with her extensive background of working with speakers, and owning her own speaking bureau for 14 years, Sandra was the perfect coach for me!"

Deb Cottle
CEO, NSA member

"Speaking was a dark unknown for me until I received coaching from you. It was like a light switch was turned on, when I became more "aware" of the speaking environment. The steps for effective speaking were my road maps. You helped me to go "inside" and see what was right for me to express. Our conversations that dealt with how I envision myself was my compass. And we did all this by telephone, 3,000 miles apart from each other!"

Diane Jerome

"I can see why professionals seek you out as their coach. Your business instincts flow so easily, and they seem to be right on target."

Sheila Smith
Public Speaking Consultant

"I often even get people telling me how calm and relaxed I look when I'm in a public speaking setting. Imagine that! Many of the fundamental principles you passed on to me have really helped."

Steve Bunyard
Minister, Rolling Hills Covenant Church

"How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. I spoke at Master Sales Academy in front of 500 ‘Sweathogs’ (May 2002). It was no small feat, and you were no small part of the outcome! Just 6 months of coaching with you, and much of what I needed was learned. Thanks a million again."

Ted Jacobsen
Real Estate Agent
Ted Jacobsen

"It has been a pleasure to work with you this past year on our executive presentation skills. I feel that our ability to communicate ideas, suggestions and follow-up for improvement greatly contributed to the overall success at the District Managers' Meeting in May and more importantly at the National Dealer Meeting in September."

"As a result, the executives exhibited a more confident and relaxed persona on stage. I believe this resulted in the audience relating to them on a more personal level, thus achieving our goal."

"I look forward to continuing to work with you as we fold-in mid-level management into the training this spring."

"In the meantime, if I can be of any assistance or provide any recomendations I would not hesitate to recommend you to similar corporations considering a professional speech coach."

Kim Reynolds-Nelson
Manager, Meeting Services, Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.

"Thank you for helping me to improve my communication skills and to build my confidence in client meetings and other interactive settings. You have contributed immensely to my professional development in a very short time, and I truly appreciate your help."

lawyer, San Diego

"During Sandra's coaching period, I felt I found a long time friend who listened to me, knew exactly what I needed, and always gave me some magical ideas to address the many work challenges I experienced. After our coaching calls, I became recharged with better understanding, a clear path-forward and more confidence. It really made my learning program a successful and enjoyable experience."

Yumin Yang
Senior Analyst, Conocophillips. Inc., Houston, Texas

"Thank you for all your coaching and support. Who knows why everything seems to happen. But, I think this is the start of my next career path…and I could not have done it without you!!"

Christine Wood
MD (Pediatrician), Speaker, Author and now Spokesperson for Beechnut baby foods
Kids Eat Great

"You coached me on my talk for a group of clients and peers and helped me tailor my message by lending support, criticism and best of all, refinement of my content. I have someone who wants to do business with me as a result of my presentation at this association meeting. Thank you, Sandra for all your help and support. I owe this one to you!"

Roseanne Luth
President - (Luth Research, Inc./Luth Research Online)
Survey Savvy

"The presentation went well - I used many of your techniques to create a sense of calmness. The breathing is key! Although I started out a bit nervous and quickly settled into a comfort zone. I was on for 1 hour start to finish - went by fast so I must have been having fun! Thanks again for all your help.”

Jay Veltz
Product designer
Veltz Design


“Your presentation, Do you Freak When You Speak,? was wonderfully substantive--lots of ideas and usable pointers that students can immediately put into practice. Your modeling of effective speaking was great, too. You were natural and responsive to your audience, organized and well-prepared. I think it was especially effective not to do anything flashy, as that can be intimidating to students or others who are at early stages of trying to get comfortable and effective at speaking. I, as I imagine you, have seen speakers who are more like performers with a well-defined script which can lead learners to feel inadequate and overwhelmed at the idea of trying to be "like them!" The response from students was very positive and I hope you enjoyed yourself, too. I certainly appreciate the time, thought, preparation and energy you expended to make this presentation.”

Jeanne Cherbeneau, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty/Field Placement Director
Alliant International University

"You were wonderful! I especially liked the way that you coached some of the kids. You interested them and caught their attention when you explained about the types of people who are paid as professional speakers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!'

Gail Dershem
Teacher, San Diego City High School

" Coach Sandra brought my hidden conversational skills closer to the surface. I feel that I have loosened up so that I can make better conversations these days. In school, I participate more and am not afraid to express my point of view with the teachers. I appreciated the many e-mails you sent to view different speeches on YouTube”

P. Soundararajan

" Dear Ms. Schrift, "I want to thank you for your time and effort last Saturday to attend the " mock interview" with several students. I appreciated the constructive criticism that you gave to me and feedback at the end of the interview. I will remember to project my voice and work on slowing down when I speak. Even though I may feel nervous, I will to my best to not let that feeling show. I also learned not to be so anxious and just believe in myself. I will take a deep breath before I speak. With more practice, I will become a better speaker. I will take your words of wisdom with me in life."

My Linh Nguyen
student at the Preuss High School in La Jolla, CA

"I had a speaking engagement the day after your teleclass and I was able to use several tips you provided. On behalf of Coach 21' Coach training students, I would like to thank you for your great presentation. I heard from many of my students that it was a great learning experience and they learned many practical ideas to use in their speaking presentations."

Keiko Hirano
Director Coach21 Co., Ltd.

"I was happy to get your reply e-mail so soon. You gave me many useful tips and points on how to use my PowerPoint. I got a good chance to study and change my speech style. Anyway, the greatest thing is that I found out that speaking in public can be fun. Thank you very much"

Manami Maruyama
Student of Coach21, Japan

Speaking Presentations and Teleclasses

“Excellent! Lots of great, do-able ideas that can be implemented tomorrow. It was a very good value, both for the expenditure of my time and my money. I would recommend this to anyone serious about building a speaking career.”

Nancy Clement
San Diego Speaker’s Guild

“Fabulous program with an abundance of practical ideas and inspiration! I walked away with five pages of notes and numerous fresh ideas for expanding my influence as a professional entrepreneurial speaker. Thank you, Sandra!!”

San Diego Speaker’s Guild

“This was more of a workshop than a talk. I was 95% happy. The remaining 5% unhappy was due to parking (paid $3.25 in quarters to get out) and drive to MValley from Mira Mesa which was a pain for me. Sandra’s content and delivery were outstanding.”

Kim Niles
San Diego Speaker’s Guild

"YOU ARE A TRUE PRO!!! You delivered SO much value and entertained us along the way! Great job dear lady. You are an inspiration to me—and many others! Mazel Tov!"

Tami Walsh
Teen Coach and speaker
Teen Wisdom

"Thanks for your participation in SCN..... your presentation was marked on several comments sheets at the end as "the best of the show". You were a huge hit especially with the new members. I personally came away with many useful tips for a SCN blog and "spiffying up" my own website. One of our technology members has accepted the personal duty of taking on the blog which will take the place of our Tele-bridge calls throughout the year. Thank you for that!!! " They all loved your homework of getting to know so many BEFORE the program."

Linda Miles
CSP, CMC, professional speaker, dental consultant, author
Miles & Associates

"I was thinking about 2004 this weekend, and certainly my Bermuda cruise in August was a standout event in the year, in no small way because of a certain speaking coach I met on board. I just want you to know that I employed some of the techniques we discussed during the cruise in the preparation and delivery of my eulogy at my father's funeral.. And I even spoke without notes. Thanks for helping me through the most difficult two minutes of my life."

Andy Sarno
Business professional

"Dear Sandra,"

"I wanted to thank you for your support of the Professional Women's Roundtable - North San Diego Chapter. We sincerely appreciate the time you so kindly provided us with your presentation on How to Enroll Clients from the Platform."

"The content, delivery, organization and knowledge conveyed in your presentation were exceptional. Your insight on how to relax before a speech, how to provide a powerful opening and how to incorporate a call to action was very beneficial to our members and guests. I especially enjoyed the use of the candy bars as a means of grabbing one's attention and encouraging audience participation - very clever."

"You were a joy to work with and we look forward to having you speak at future PWR meetings. Until that time, best of luck in all of your endeavors."

Sher Bowman
Director, PWR North San Diego Chapter
John Boe

"What a success! Thank you so much for addressing our editors on behavioral styles. Your presentation was informative and entertaining. We enjoyed your warm, down-to-earth style. The evening truly had something for everyone and passed much too quickly."

Terry Anderson
President, San Diego Professional Editors' Network

"What I liked best about your three hour training class is the manner in which the content complimented my experiences in Toastmasters. The role playing was tremendous! This was a terrifc introductory class, very worthwhile!"

Dick Shope
Director, CB Richard Ellis, Inc.

"Great teleclass! You had around 50+ people on line and handled it very well - encouraging, professional, organized and sooo full of expertise. You are a great model!"

Judy Cullins
Author, Teacher, Professional Speaker, Coach
Book Coaching

Professional speakers/Authors/Consultants/Coaches

"Sandra is the coach to hire if you want to enhance your speaking ability and overall program development. I appreciated Sandra’s keen insight in her critiques of my speaking events which helped me to step up to a new level. I also found her “nuggets of wisdom” to be extremely valuable for both my personal and professional life. I gained more clarity with how I want to reshape my business, learned how to prioritize my life better, and gained more confidence in myself through having Sandra as my coach."

Suzan Tusson, CPCC
author, speaker, coach
Suzan Tusson

"Sandra brings a quiet authority to her coaching along with her years of experience and knowledge as a speaker and coach. She listens, encourages, and supports with clarity and wisdom. With her help, I established several topics for speaking, created promotional materials, set fees and defined a variety of audiences for my work. She also provided plenty of related examples, suggested alternative approaches for promotion that utilized current media technologies, and helped me expand my thinking about myself and my work."

Paula Chaffe Scardamalia
author, speaker and professional weaver
Weaving The Dream

"Thank you for all your coaching in the past six months. It's been a real whirlwind of activities, but your inputs and feedback have been extremely valuable to me and the development of the speaking portion of my career. I'm pleased with the progress we've made in a relatively short period of time. It's been great working with you."

Brenda S. Bence
Brenda Bence

"Thanks for your participation in SCN 2006..... your presentation was marked on several comments sheets at the end as "the best of the show". You were a huge hit especially with the new members. I personally came away with many useful tips for a SCN blog and "spiffying up" my own website. One of our technology members has accepted the personal duty of taking on the blog which will take the place of our Tele-bridge calls throughout the year. Thank you for that!!! " They all loved your homework of getting to know so many BEFORE the program."

Linda Miles
CSP, CMC, professional speaker, dental consultant, author
Miles & Associates

"Sandra, I want to thank you for our valuable time together. I truly believe that you have kept me calm during this process and I feel confident with the material I will be presenting. Your insight has been so valuable. You have been such a tremendous help to me and kept me focused on what I needed to do. You have also kept my stress level down because of your expertise and knowledge. I can't thank you enough. I do owe you a debt of gratitude. Because of you my presentation had punch and meaningful exercises. This is what made the difference Sandra and I can't ever thank you enough. You've taught me how to take a topic and now incorporate things that will have lasting teachings. Thank you, thank you and thank you."

Kathy Harris
professional speaker, life coach
Harrison Development

"In the six months since I began working with her I have gone from an individual who wanted to be a public speaker to someone with a clear message and great content for my audiences, a track record of nearly 20 presentations, strong testimonials, and with requests to make paid speeches."

"This is due to Sandra's commitment to my success and her excellent coaching that comes from her many years of real-life experience in the field."

"Thanks, Sandra. I truly could not have done it without you!"

Jack Gilbert
Consultant, professional speaker
New Page Consulting

"Great working with you! "Sandra was incredibly helpful in moving me forward in my speaking career. From developing a speaking focus and marketing materials to strengthening my platform skills, she was the best! I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone wanting to become a professional speaker or simply strengthening their speaking skills."

Rick Evans
Professional Speaker, Trainer, Coach
Finding Your Edge

"Being coached on the speaking profession by Sandra is like being coached on the movies by Steven Spielberg: she knows it all and invented some of it."

Darrell Berger
Professional Speaker, NSA member, author

"I have known Sandra for over 3 years and her coaching has been very helpful to me. Her years of experience in the speaking business combined with great coaching skills makes her an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to pursue a speaking career. Sandra really cares about her clients and is dedicated to helping them succeed. Thanks Sandra!"

Sig Taylor
Coach, Trainer, Speaker
Sig Taylor

Sandra with some of her satisfied clients! From L to R: Stephen Fairley, Tom Crane, Jim Nightingale, Sandra, Sig Taylor, John Boe

"Sandra Schrift is an excellent coach. Her knowledge coupled with her caring approach makes for a dynamic combination! Her advice and training has helped me become a better speaker. I would recommend anyone who is serious about their speaking career, work with Sandra Schrift."

John Boe
NSA Speaker, Author
John Boe

"I purchased Sandra's "How to succeed in the speaking business" tape set and the value far exceeded the price I paid! It would have taken me countless hours to amass all the information she shared in the tapes. I took advantage of the added value of her coaching offer, and through the coaching I came away with ideas specific to my target audience that should make me money very quickly. I look forward to coaching more with Sandra as my business grows!"

Audrey Burton
Motivational Coach and Speaker

"Sandra’s coaching was invaluable! I especially enjoyed her ability to help me make even a keynote an interactive experience. Sandra is gifted at entering into the client’s concept and helping you do what you want to do, only better! Sandra’s style is easy, practical and immediately "useable". She is especially good for us corporate exec types (past or present corporate execs). Practical information that gets results. You really know the speaking biz!"

Val Williams
Master Certified Coach, Professional Coaching and Training Inc.
Val Williams

"During the year I worked with Sandra, she became, not only my coach/mentor but my friend, confidant and dispenser of tough love when it was appropriate. Sandra’s life experience and insight was instrumental in helping me ferret out a few of my true callings. My coaching and seminars are already generating a solid six figure revenue and should yield seven figures within the next two years. If you are ready to gain personal and professional focus and clarity, hire Sandra to be your coach!"

Dave Harrington
Professional Speaker, Coach, Consultant

"Sandra - Your prior ownership of a Speaker Bureau plus your demonstrated knowledge and helpful attitude at Speakers' University classes led me to pick you as my professional speaking coach. I must say what an excellent choice! In the past few months our association has increased my knowledge of professional speaking by a tremendous amount and shortened my learning curve by several years."

"Working with you has been a delight. You shared your knowledge but you did it more like a friend than a teacher as such helping get me there much faster. Your suggestions have worked beyond my expectations; I must tell you that I was skeptical about some; like the one about telling Bureaus that I can present in Spanish. I thought it would not be of interest to them. Well, the phone calls did come in. Your were right. It worked!"

"The best I can say is that not only will I refer potential clients to you, but also I am planning to return as soon as I am ready to go to the next level of my profesional speaking career."

Joe Rodriguez
Professional Speaker
Joe Rodriguez

"You gave me outstanding ideas for both initial marketing to a prospect as well as how to follow up better with a good lead. I received a ton of support and ideas on how to kick start my business after I had shut it down for most of 2000. I really appreciated your candor, sincerity and willingness to share your thoughts and experiences both personal and professional."

Chuck Cote
Professional Speaker, NSA Member
Chuck Cote

"Thanks to you, I'm making more money this year (2001) but I'm not working any more than last year. Yahooo!!!"

Mary Byers
Professional Speaker/Author, Writer, NSA Member
Mary Byers

"Excellent introduction on how to become a paid professional speaker. Sandra provided a step-by-step process with practical information that could be immediately applied. Using the information I learned about fee schedules, I was able to obtain a booking at $1500 more than what I normally would have charged! SpeakerU was definitely time and money well-spent!"

Jeanne Sharbuno
Speaker, Writer, Personal Coach

"Having been a professional speaker for 6 years, I didn't know if I needed a coach. However, hiring Sandra as my coach has proven to be one of the wisest business decisions I have ever made! Her understanding of this business, combined with her insights into what really "works," gives her a unique perspective from which to assist any speaker at any level."

Andy Hickman
CSP, Professional Speaker
Andy Hickman

"I needed someone to help me transition my training and facilitation programs to be more appropriate for keynotes and breakouts. Sandra's experience as a former Speaker Bureau, and now career coach, as well as your ability and creativity presented itself in all of our interactions. In addition, your approach to the "whole person" to start the coaching process was very refreshing and helped me in my personal and professional journey. You exceeded my expectations and helped me to realize the value I bring to my audiences, clients and all relationships in my life."

Kathy Larsen
Past President, Midlands Speakers Association, Professional Speaker
Kathy Larsen

"She helped me focus on my passion and have more fun with my marketing. Now the results are better and somewhat effortless. Working with Sandra is liking having a mentor and a friend while she acts as a coach who pushed me to do more. She is full of ideas and connections! She made me stretch - it was like getting an advanced degree in life."

Connie Merritt
NSA Member, Author
The Lion Tamer

"Having Sandra as a coach made me more accountable. She knows the speaking business and provided me with up-to-date information in the speaking industry. I went so much faster in much less time. I couldn't have done it without her! She is a woman of integrity and is thoughtful about her clients."

Pat Wiklund PhD.
NSA Member, Author
Pat Wiklund

"She has an expertise from the speaker bureau side. Sandra knows what I need to know to sell myself to prospective clients. She helped me set goals, keep me on track and market myself. She sets you on course and fills your sails with energy."

Dana May Casperson
NSA Speaker, Author
Power Etiquette