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“When you have something significant to say, you deserve to be listened to.”

Speak Like a Pro For Profit


Dear Speakers, Coaches, Authors and Business Professionals,

I wrote this book because I know you have these challenges:

* How do I prepare a speech that people need to hear?

* What have I earned the right to speak about?

* What makes me unique?

* How do I personalize my stories to connect with my audience?

* Can I take a risk by being truly authentic?

* What steps do I need to take to become a highly paid speaker?

I am going to answer these questions, and more. You will benefit from my twenty plus years in working with over 1,500 professional speakers. This fast, easy, problem-solving guide offers proven tips that will help you speak like a pro. . .in a short time!

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."

John Mason

Wishing you continued success,

Coach Sandra Schrift

Fear of public speaking is #1. Death is #4. So most people would rather get a root canal and pay their taxes than speak in front of an audience.

Ask yourself, "Wouldn't it be great..."

* to be able to stand in front of an audience of hundreds of people and hold them in complete captivation?

* to feel confident and assured the day you're scheduled to speak before your company's executives, an association, a corporate meeting, or a local civic group?

* to go into a presentation confident that the attendees are going to love you, be surrounded by their applause, and overhear comments afterwards, such as, "He was excellent," or, "She made a real connection with her audience"?

* to be paid for what you love to do?

This book contains tips and techniques to become a polished presenter who speaks effectively to anyone, anywhere, with confidence.

You will learn how to:

* Develop comfort and confidence

* Write and deliver a winning presentation

* Connect with your audience

* Persuade people to act on what you say

* Be a highly paid speaker

About Sandra Schrift

Author Sandra Schrift founded the first national professional speakers bureau in San Diego in 1982. Today she is a speech coach to executives who want to improve their presentation skills, as well as a career coach to both the emerging and veteran professional speaker who wants to grow a profitable speaking business. Sandra is also the founder of the first virtual university for emerging public speakers, Speakers University, which conducts ongoing teleclasses for anyone, anywhere in the English-speaking world. Contact me for a 20-minute complimentary coaching call.

What readers are saying

"Sandra Schrift has created an amazing treasury of tips for the successful speaker. They are workable, insightful, realistic, professional. . .proven. Some of my favorites are about analogies, stories, visual aids. . .and FUN!"

- Judy Feld, Past President International Coach Federation

"Concise, concrete, and inspirational, this book is a gem! Anyone who speaks - whether beginner or seasoned expert - will speak better by referring to it again and again."

- Paul Teyssier, Attorney at Law

"Easy to read and understand. Speakers will enjoy the straight-forward approach. A real time saver."

-Dr. Mary Dee Dickerson, Financial planner, speaker, author

"Anyone who wants to be a PRO speakers needs to read this book. It is filled with great tips. They are working for me! Thanks, Sandra."

-Joe Rodriguez, International Trainer, Speaker, Consultant

"Speak Like a Pro for Profit provides the simple details that can lead to your success at any level of public speaking. This is a humbling checklist for anybody in the business who thinks they know it all. Sandra has provided more about the topic than most speakers will ever learn in a lifetime."

- Michael Brunker, Executive Director/Jackie Robinson YMCA of San Diego

"This book provides practical and sound advice. I have worked with Sandra and find her knowledge and guidance invaluable."

- Dr. Christine Wood, Pediatrician, speaker, author

"What a great tool for speakers! Sandra's book reflects her great coaching skills. The content is laser-like, easy to read, and ready to apply to my next speech."

- Val Williams, Master Certified Coach, trainer, author