"Success is yours if you have the power to persuade and motivate others."


The number one way to advance your career is to be a better speaker one to one, in front of small or large groups. Are you ready to put your fears and lack of confidence aside and learn to feel comfortable and even excited about giving presentations sharing information that people need to hear with a dynamic delivery sprinkled with some humor. Nothing is more fun and satisfying than unlocking the secrets to connecting with people from the platform. I have been helping people do this for over 27 years and I can help you too! Schedule a complimentary coaching call with me and see if we have a fit. Read more

Need a speaker for your next meeting or conference? Visit my keynote speeches page and find seven topics to choose from. If you do not see what you need, ask me. I could find the right recipe or direct you to the speaker who is the expert on your desired topic. Call me to discuss fees, what expectations you have from me, and desired outcomes for your organization.

What clients are saying

"The presentation went well - I used many of your techniques to create a sense of calmness. The breathing is key! Although I started out a bit nervous and quickly settled into a comfort zone. I was on for 1 hour start to finish - went by fast so I must have been having fun! Thanks again for all your help.

Jay Veltz
Product designer
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