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"Success is yours if you have the power to persuade and motivate others."

Group Coaching

How to Use Public Speaking to Grow Your Business

Did you know that number one way to promote you and your business/service is through public speaking? People want to do business with someone who demonstrates confidence and is articulate about what they can offer to make their lives better.

This program is popular for Small Group Coaching, as well as one to one coaching.

We will discuss the benefits of using your “escalator” speech to capture attention and business; finding your audience, using your expertise to be their solution; getting referrals and clients; structuring your presentation; using the 4 stages of speech development; using print and social media to market!

Contact me – sandra@schrift.com to let me know who you are, what are the group goals and to set up a time to discuss the length of a program that fits the needs of your organization. This program can be in the form of a conference call (teleclass), SKYPE video call or in person at your location.

"Sandra’s coaching was invaluable! I especially enjoyed her ability to help me make even a keynote an interactive experience. Sandra is gifted at entering into the client’s concept and helping you do what you want to do, only better! Sandra’s style is easy, practical and immediately "useable". She is especially good for us corporate exec types (past or present corporate execs). Practical information that gets results. You really know the speaking biz!"

Val Williams
Master Certified Coach, Professional Coaching and Training Inc.

"Learn the Art of Public Speaking to Gain Instant Credibility As an Expert in Your Field"

A Quick Way To Gain Confidence, Credibility, And Clients in a short time.

As most of you know, public speaking is a great way to become known as an “expert’ in your field…and is an instant referral generator.

If you’ve always wanted to do some public speaking to promote your product or service, but either lack the confidence or know-how on how to do it, Contact me: sandra@schrift.com Let my nearly 30 years in the speaking biz provide you with the “speaking smarts” to become a smart public speaker . . . now! This program is available for one to one coaching and small group coaching.

You will learn how to:
- Give your best marketing introduction in person
- Give a speech that attracts your clients to you
- How to Enroll Clients from the Platform
- Get 100’s of speaking engagements
- Parlay your one talk for more business

You will have a complete model of speaking how-to skills:
- A Presentation to promote your business
- Contact groups who will be interested in your expertise
- Use your expertise (or hobbies) to create a talk
- Identify the “hot topics”
- Use teleclasses/webinars/social media to promote your programs

“Fabulous program with an abundance of practical ideas and inspiration! I walked away with five pages of notes and numerous fresh ideas for expanding my influence as a professional entrepreneurial speaker. Thank you!!”
- Robert

"Speak and Write to Get All the Clients you Want"

Missed the class? See offer below for MP3 copy of teleseminar or click here

In this 85-Minute Teleseminar Format you Will...

1. Discover the two fastest way to attract clients and keep them.

2. Not let your marketing to dos stop you from moving ahead. Know that even reluctant marketer can do this.

3. Create double, even triple your present clients.

4. Brand your business with a short print or eBook.

5. Generate more targeted web traffic, new clients and book sales in one month than you did in the last twelve with organic online marketing

6. Apply advanced article marketing-the # one way to attract clients.

7. Attract and book new clients with your defining statement.

8. Use email promotion consistently to follow-up warm leads.

9. Learn how to create a short talk to market your book or business.

10. Discover how to enroll clients from the platform.

Who Should Come:

  • Business owners
  • Solo professionals
  • Emerging speakers
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Authors with a book as their business
  • Corporate managers and leaders


Judy Cullins, Book and Internet Marketing Coach
Judy will help you get high targeted traffic to your site with advanced article marketing She's the six year expert who most all of her book sales and clients this way.. Judy was my book coach as she encouraged and guided me to write my best-selling e-book, "Speak Like a Pro for Profit." She knows the book and internet marketing business!

Sandra Schrift, The Speaker and Business Coach
Sandra assisted me to break into the coaching business with teleclasses with her "Speaker's University." She knows the business of speaking and how to craft a speech to reach your market so clients flow to you easily. In the oral tradition, Sandra is an extraordinary networker, and can show you how to get top results.

In this Power-Packed 85 Minutes—Even More Gems

  • Clarity on your best book title or subject.
  • Why knowing your audience is the #1 hot selling point for your book and talk.
  • Why you shouldn't start a speech with a joke.
  • Why traditional publishing is not the best.
  • Why personal stories help you connect with your audience.
  • What is the biggest mistake that speakers make at the end of their talk.

And, during the last 25 Minutes, you can ask Judy or Sandra any question you want to help you with your project.

Buy the MP3 recording ( instant download) for only $20. Click Here

"How to Kraft a Killer Keynote" and "How to Market Yourself"

Is your group or organization looking for ways to be better presenters? Would your organization benefit from some unusual ways to market their presentations? My 28 years of working with speakers will show you the way to do this.

Coach Sandra will provide a four week teleseminar, each one hour in length, which will include reports and email support between the calls. Maximum 12 people. Contact me to discuss how we can set up a teleseminar for your group.

To promote our businesses and organizations, we have to "sell" ourselves, not just our services, products, and expertise.

In many ways we are our businesses. To attract new business, we have to put ourselves in front of potential clients or customers in an attractive way. We have to present ourselves in a way that wins people's attention, interest, and trust.

One of the best and least inexpensive ways of doing so is by giving a speech.

In this program you will learn:

  • How to connect with your audience in the first 60 seconds
  • To use the "three E's" to inspire and motivate them to use your services and buy your products.
  • What one thing you must do at the close of every speech.
  • What to talk about and how to talk about your business without sounding highly promotive.
  • Who your audiences are and where to find them

"How To Be a Better Public Speaker Immediately"

Exec-U-Speak™ is the fun, easy way to break through to speaking excellence. This program promises to be content-driven, upbeat, interactive and fast paced.

You will learn:

  • How to organize your presentation
  • How to " connect" immediately with your audience
  • Three principles of a powerful presentation
  • Twelve Ways to develop confidence
  • How to make best use of visual aids
  • How to handle Q & A

To arrange a teleclass or small group coaching on this topic, contact me at sandra@schrift.com

What clients are saying

"Thanks for your participation in SCN 2006..... your presentation was marked on several comments sheets at the end as "the best of the show". You were a huge hit especially with the new members. I personally came away with many useful tips for a SCN blog and "spiffying up" my own website. One of our technology members has accepted the personal duty of taking on the blog which will take the place of our Tele-bridge calls throughout the year. Thank you for that!!! " They all loved your homework of getting to know so many BEFORE the program."

- Linda Miles
CSP, CMC, professional speaker, dental consultant, author
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