Tell me a story

by Sandra Schrift

Have you ever thought about how storytelling helps us create a better life and a better place in the real world? Storytelling is becoming increasingly popular, not just with the professional speaker, but with novices. We all have our stories to tell and we now realize that it helps feed our need for connection and more recently for social change. “The story revival is over. The story revolution has begun.” I find audiences are listening to each other better when they have a direct exchange. When we hear a story (without the glitz and manipulation) we begin to delineate our thoughts visually and remember the story long after we hear it. On a neurological level, studies tell us that we really do feel the storyteller’s pain, joy, grief and hope. Do you love your audience enough to tell your story in an authentic and vulnerable way?

The Coach sez . . . forget the data and use your stories to intrigue and inspire your audience to feel hope and optimism.

(C) 2012

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