5 How to be a Better Speaker Articles

by Sandra Schrift

One: How to Create Sizzling Speech and Book Titles

Description: Create titles that focus on what most people want all the time. Example “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Learn five ways to design your speech and/or best-selling book titles.

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Two: How to Prepare Your Speech Part 1

Description: The three rules for being a top presenter are: practice, practice, practice. The good news is that public speaking is a craft that can be taught and learned. Review these 14 top tips and then hire a speech coach.

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Three: How to Prepare Your Speech Part 2

Description: Move from any “woulda, coulda, shoulda” thinking. Don’t wait for the perfect time – just DO IT! Remember, there is no right time to begin writing your speech or begin your speaking career.

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Four: The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Speakers

Description: Successful speakers do not do all the right things all the time. They often take risks and risk bombing. But all top speakers take daily action, to move towards their goals with many adjustments. Here are ten ways to be a highly effective speaker.

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Five: Ten Fatal Flaws Frequently Found from the Podium

Description: The effectiveness of a talk is whether the audience enjoyed it and found it useful. Did the talk influence their behavior positively and productively once they returned to their jobs? Check this article for a top ten list on fatal flaws from the podium.

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