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“When you have something significant to say, you deserve to be listened to.”


Speak and Write to Get All the Clients you Want

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Dear Business owners ,Solo professionals ,Emerging speakers ,Coaches and Consultants ,Authors with a book as their business ,Corporate managers and leaders

In this 85-Minute Teleseminar Format you Will...

1. Discover the two fastest way to attract clients and keep them.

2. Not let your marketing to dos stop you from moving ahead. Know that even a reluctant marketer can do this.

3. Create double, even triple your present clients.

4. Brand your business with a short print or eBook.

5. Generate more targeted web traffic, new clients and book sales in one month than you did in the last twelve with organic online marketing

6. Apply advanced article marketing-the # one way to attract clients.

7. Attract and book new clients with your defining statement.

8. Use email promotion consistently to follow-up warm leads.

9. Learn how to create a short talk to market your book or business

10. Discover how to enroll clients from the platform.


Judy Cullins, Book and Internet Marketing Coach

Judy will help you get high targeted traffic to your site with advanced article marketing She's the six year expert who most all of her book sales and clients this way.. Judy was my book coach as she encouraged and guided me to write my best-selling e-book, "Speak Lifke a Pro for Profit." She knows the book and internet marketing business! www.bookcoaching.com

Sandra Schrift, The Speaker and Business Coach

Sandra assisted me to break into the coaching business with teleclasses with her "Speaker's University." She knows the business of speaking and how to craft a speech to reach your market so clients flow to you easily. In the oral tradition, Sandra is am extraordinary networker, and can show you how to get top results.

In this Power-Packed 85 Minutes—Even More Gems

* Clarity on your best book title or subject.

* Why knowing your audience is the #1 hot selling point for your book and talk.

* Why you shouldn't start a speech with a joke.

* Why traditional publishing is not the best.

* Why personal stories help you connect with your audience.

* What is the biggest mistake that speakers make at the end of their talk.

What Others Say...

"Save yourself from headaches, disappointments, and money down the drain. Read "Write Your eBook or Other Short Book—Fast!" before you write another word. Judy puts you on the fastest track to publishing success."

Marcia Reynolds, covisioning.com

"In the six months since I began working with her I have gone from an individual who wanted to be a public speaker to someone with a clear message and great content for my audiences, a track record of nearly 20 presentations, strong testimonials, and with requests to make paid speeches. Sandra's coaching comes from many years of real-life experience in the field. I could not have done it without her"

Jack Gilbert, consultant, professional speaker

"Being coached on the speaking profession by Sandra is like being coached on the movies by Steven Spielberg: she knows it all and invented some of it."
Darrell Berger, author, speaker, wedding consultant

Darrell Berger


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Just Released - Audio CD ( two interviews with Sandra Schrift and Chris Witt) Also available as an MP3 download

Mp3 Or CD

For 13 years Sandra ran a national speakers bureau. She worked with some of the top paid professional speakers in the world. For the past 16 years she's coached professional speakers, aspiring speakers and business professionals, helping them build their careers. Sandra reveals "How Business People Can Speak with Power and Passion." and will share the "Eight Top Tips from the Speaking Pros." You will learn to craft a "defining statement" which will help you effectively communicate to others what you do.

Chris Witt gave his first paid speech 31 years ago. He's addressed thousands of audiences. He taught public speaking at three different graduate programs. For the past 15 years he has coached business leaders who want to speak more influentially. Chris shares his insights into "What Every Business Leader Needs to Know about Speaking." "How to Create a Simple, Strong Outline that lets you Speak Without a Script" and the importance of telling stories to capture your audiences' attention, touch them emotionally, and make your message memorable.

"Your CD is awesome"

Steve Ocha, Account Executive with Kold News 13/Tucson, Arizona

Just Released - PC/Mac CD Rom Program (six hours)

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Mp3 Or CD

Four national experts will teach you how to do this in a content- packed, step-by-step program. If you are a speaker, order now if you want to attract more clients and be more successful! (Includes handouts and a 20-minute coaching session with me) Don't wait to order this outstanding program for one affordable fee! A good deal. Only $79 (value $156) Limited time introductory offer.

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