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About Sandra

A personal coach can do for your mind what a personal trainer does for your body! Coaching is becoming popular as time becomes more valuable. What would it be like for you to be wise, happy, and successful this year vs. waiting for a decade or two?

If you don't use a coach:

Your business will be stalemate. You won't get more clients, and you won't get the money you deserve from your talents and your useful, unique message will not help thousands of people. You won't be known as the expert in your field. You won't be making residual income for life. You may not advance in your career. In short, nothing will happen.

Take action now, and call Sandra at 619-688-9467 (San Diego office) from 9AM to 6PM Pacific Time.

Coach Schrift, who started the first national, professional Speakers Bureau in San Diego in 1982, now works with emerging and experienced speakers on reaching the next level in their speaking careers. Coach Schrift also loves to partner with business owners on growing themselves as well as their business. She typically coaches clients two times per month by telephone with email support as needed. Her goal is to help you resolve problems and challenges in "real time" coaching.

Sandra has an active family life as the mother of five children and seven grandchildren, who remind her daily of her intentions to stay present, patient, and oriented to possibility. She loves to exercise, travel and eat vegetarian food. She is also a member of the San Diego Rotary Club, and the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance. Sandra mentors a SDSU student Ė the relationship began in high school. . In her spare time, she conducts a survey on cardiac arrest as she and her students belly dance at retirement homes!

The top 14 things my clients need to understand about coaching.

(Adapted from CoachU)

I work weekly: I work weekly, or more, with my clients. I believe in an ongoing, nurturing and developing relationship. I usually offer 2 sessions a month.

Iím paid in advance: I am paid monthly, in advance, for one on one coaching.. My fees range from $300- $550 monthly, which include coaching by phone or in person where possible, plus additional time responding to your email correspondence and any materials you send me by direct mail. I will debit your credit cards the first of each month for as long as we are working together. I also provide open ended coaching for an annual retainer fee. Group rates are also available. Contact me about special International rates. We coach to fit your busy schedule.

Missed appointments: If you miss a call, I will email you within ten minutes to remind you of our appointment. All missed appointments that are not rescheduled 24 hours in advance are billed at full rate. The Coach understands that occasional emergencies do happen, for you and for me. Exceptions are made for unexpected or immediate emergencies.

My return policy: If you need to cancel our coaching agreement, this is how it works. If you are on a monthly plan, each monthly payment is non-refundable, regardless of the number of sessions you have used. If you are on a discount plan or annual retainer, you will be charged for all the sessions used plus twenty per cent of the remainder of your investment. If you have questions, call me at 619-688- 9467 pacific time.

Coaching, not therapy: Professional Coaches work only with clients who can use us well. I am not a therapist, parent, caretaker, or financial planner. I refer clients to the best available professionals for their psychological, health and financial concerns. I help clients reach goals.

I live a balanced life: I walk my talk and ask my clients to grow along with me and enjoy the ride with lightness and laughter!

I have an international practice: Many clients work with me on the telephone - from next door, across the country, and around the world.

I am completely confidential: I do not talk about my clientís issues to anyone.

I am on a path of mastery: I understand that the technology of coaching is growing rapidly and I keep myself continuously growing personally and professionally, I am a graduate of Coach University.

My job is to share what I see and sense: I do not solve my clientís problems. My clients have the answers within themselves. I share wisdom, steps, solutions and advice, but will not create a dependency.

I coach each client differently: It is up to my client to ask me to coach them differently, if needed. There are many personality styles of coaching and the client needs to suggest style changes to the coach.

I ask for more: My job is to ask for more than my clients can reasonably do. I may ask for the moon and settle for the stars. My clients can always decline or negotiate.

I am your success partner: I choose not to be your cattle prod or accountability service. I want to support you to take actions. My best coaching occurs when my client is self-generative vs being pushed.

I work with you as a person: I need to help my clients reach their goals and solve problems, but I also want to know who my client is, where he/she comes from, where he/she is at, how he/she thinks, assumptions he/she has made, what motivates him/her, etc.

I strive for the "Ah-Hahs": The value of coaching isnít based on how much time is spent coaching. Great coaching can occur in 60 seconds - when the right thing is said in the right way, my client leaps forward.

I give field work: The coaching session isnít the key aspect of the coach process. Having great sessions with my clients is important, but itís not the "quality" of our session thatís most important. Rather, itís how well my client integrates and uses what we discussed between sessions.

What clients are saying

"Thank you for helping me to improve my communication skills and to build my confidence in client meetings and other interactive settings. You have contributed immensely to my professional development in a very short time, and I truly appreciate your help."

Attorney, San Diego
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